The Couple

春画に着想を得た『 THE COUPLE 』シリーズ(2013~)

「人が誰かに触れる時、それは同時に、 "触れられている"ということだ。

兼子真一は2013年より、この『関係の姿』に夢中になり、彫刻・絵画・ドローイングのシリーズ「The Couple」を展開している。

「The Couple」は、「春画」における手足の表現を引用している。大胆で感情的な、手足の絡まり。指先の触れ合い。そして、それによって露わにされるさまざまな『関係の姿』を表現する。


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The Couple Series(2013~): Inspired by the Shunga of the Edo period

KANEKO Shinichi placing his focus on the viewpoint and expressions unique to Japan, and inspired by the shunga of the Edo period, created “The Couple” Series of sculptures. The sculptures like Japanese shunga present human figures entwined in anatomically impossible postures of sexual congress and bring the two-dimensional world of shunga vibrantly into our three dimensions. By passionately sculpting the impossible figures depicted in shunga, Kaneko’s two separate beings become molten and the “boundary” separating them is thus sublimated to the “relationship” connecting them.
KANEKO focuses upon the twining limbs of the erotic shunga prints and sees them as constituting a perfect whole. The ecstatic tangles of hands and feet conjure up wire puzzles or knotted strings; the individual lover’s body, hands and feet are so entwined, they are impossible to distinguish. KANEKO totally embraces the chaos and presents a compound viewpoint connected by a “relationship” with its own concept of order.

春画から影響を受けた混ざり合う彫刻「The Couple」シリーズ
兼子真一の作品「the couple #3」

兼子真一「The Couple」シリーズ

KANEKO SHINICHI, The Couple Series