KANEKO Shinichi (born 1974) Tokyo-based Japanese contemporary artist.

In 2013, Kaneko started production of the Couple Series with the theme of “relationships” and since then has expanded the series in broad-ranging media including sculpture, paintings, and drawings. He captures relationships as the “change triggered by the connection between things or events,” and visualizes such complicated states as “entanglement.” The entanglement manifested in the Couple Series was inspired by the sexual loving so sensuously depicted in shunga woodblock prints. Shunga, literally spring pictures, is a type of erotic ukiyo-e and a traditional Japanese art. The artist has particularly directed his attention to the entangled limbs so characteristic of shunga. He jubilantly quotes the entanglement of hands and feet, and limbs and bodies in shunga, and reconsiders the magnificent meaning contained in “relationship” and thereby continues exploring the beauty of the word.

KANEKO Shinichi Works