兼子真一個展「the Couple - 胴は消え 心は鳴る」

2017.07.31 (Mon) - 08.05 (Sat)

兼子真一|KANEKO Shinichi

「関係」をテーマに春画の手足をモチーフとした「The Couple」シリーズ(2013〜)を制作。

Born in 1974 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Currently working in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. After graduating from the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, he went on to complete the university’s Graduate School of Fine Arts doctoral course in design. While at the university, he studied spatial design and started his work with sculpture. The artist creates sculptures of pigmented cement with additional surface colors. By entwining two figures and blending their boundaries, he exposes and gives physical shape to the relationships found between all of us. One of his recent outstanding achievements is "The Couple" Series (2013 onward) inspired by the expression of hands, feet, and limbs in the shunga prints of the Edo period.

The Couple Series: Inspired by the shunga of the Edo period

The Couple

春画に着想を得たThe Couple シリーズ

The Couple Series: Inspired by the shunga of the Edo period

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